London Craft Beer Festival 2016 

I bought our Early Bird Tickets for this year’s event and it’s only appropriate to blog about it now (I know, almost 5 months later. Guilty!).

London Craft Beer Festival is about to host its’ FIFTH event, doesn’t seem like a lot but in a culture of pops and daily trends, it’s quite an achievement. Last 4 events were hosted at Oval in Bethnal Green but the guys obviously outgrew themselves and LCBF 2017 will be hosted at a new home:  National Centre for Circus Arts in Hoxton Sq. It’s meant to be a bigger better venue which will host more Brewers and I really hope more food.  Continue reading “London Craft Beer Festival 2016 “

Top 3 bars to visit in Budapest

If you’ve never been to Budapest, you definitely should pay a visit because it’s an incredible city with fascinating history and a vibrant night life. I fell in love with it on the first night and I dream of going back ever since. While we were at Budapest we ate in so many fantastic places and drank excessive amounts of alcohol but in this post I will sum up my top 3 bars in Budapest that are a MUST to visit while you are there. Continue reading “Top 3 bars to visit in Budapest”

London Craft Beer Festival 2015

It’s Thursday and everyone is doing throwbacks to their favourite things and events, I’ll be looking back at London Craft Beer Festival 2015 that we attended last August.

London Craft Beer Festival is fairly new festival but it’s definitely worth going to. Last year was our second time attending and it didn’t disappoint once again(we already bought our early bird tickets for this years festival too).  Continue reading “London Craft Beer Festival 2015”

Be At One, Clapham Common. Always a good visit

Couple of weeks ago, before we headed to Brixton Academy to see Fatboy Slim we popped down to Clapham Common for a round of cocktails at B@1 and a bite to eat at Byron Burger.
I was introduced to B@1 couple of years ago and I instantly fell in love. When I first went there I was still a student downing pints of snake bite and making ”special brews” out of God knows what drinks. 3 for £5 was my favourite wine offer in a local corner shop(don’t even ask me to describe how it tasted) and I would pretty much drink anything out there as long as it was on the budget.
So coming to B@1 was new & VERY satisfying experience. Pete loves cocktails and he is not just good at picking the right ones, but he is also very good at recreating them at home. So he picked couple of my drinks at first and then I went off on my own, trying all the different flavours in combination. Not surprisingly, B@1 has become one of my favourite bars and whenever we visit London I hope that we will hit the happy hour and that there will be one in the area we are at.
Does this sound a little bit like a love story? I thought so…
Anyway, back to my recent visit. We got to Clapham Common around 7PM, so just in time to catch the last hour of happy hour. Usually when you got to B@1’s during happy hour they are packed and it’s impossible to fit a spot to sit down and when you are standing up you really need to hold tight onto your drink, because inevitably someone will bump into you. That Saturday was really quite and honestly I was really happy about it, because it meant we could get a seat right at the bar and we could have a conversation without having to shout and nod in agreement even if we didn’t know what the other person is saying. We thought the reason for it was that it was the last Saturday before Christmas and people are simply wiped out for cash by their Christmas shopping.
As always bartenders were welcoming and friendly, as soon as we sat down they offered us a menu each. It didn’t take us long to order our first drink, we went for one of favourites: Espresso Martini. If you like coffee and alcohol and want to feel the kick, do try it. Delicious!

Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini

By the end of the hour, we had 4 drinks each:Espresso Martini, Strawberry, Daiquiri, Pina Colada and White Mocha Tini. Every time our glasses would get almost empty the bartender would ask if we want another round. All cocktails were prepped really well, there are never disappointments when you go to B@1. It’s obvious that everyone who works there is trained to a high standard and actually enjoys working there. Making cocktails is a lot more fun than pulling pints of Carlsberg.
It’s safe to say that I left B@1 very merry and I definitely WILL come back again. Out tap came to £36 which is really nothing, considering we had 8 drinks between us.
One other reason I like B@1’s is their cosy atmosphere, decor is very simple and not shouty, lots of wood and leather,  lights are always dimmed just at the right level(at any branch you go to) and if you are lucky enough you will get a  really nice cosy seat.

Clapham Common branch
Clapham Common branch

Also, if you missed the happy hour there is always B@1 app that you can download that will enable to have your own ‘appi’ hour once a day, where you get 2 drinks for £9.50. It also has recipes of their delicious cocktails, so if you want to recreate some of your favourites you get all the help you need.
If you’ve never been to B@1 before then it’s a must go for anyone who likes cocktails and is tired of drinking old boring spirits with mixers.

Click here to find Be At One near you:
Anya xx