Pete’s Special Summer Salad

If you live in the UK you know that special feeling the whole nation gets on a first sunny weekend of summer. Sun’s out, legs out, shops run out of ice, everyone is making jugs of Pimms, everyone is trying to get their gardens to a suitable standard and those who don’t have gardens find any patch of grass to rest on. And everyone comes in with a ridiculous sun burn on Monday… Continue reading “Pete’s Special Summer Salad”

BBQ Meat Loaf

Weekend is the perfect time to try and cook a new dish so this weekend Pete decided to have a go at making a meat loaf. Admittedly, I’ve never had a meat loaf before and Pete has never cooked one before so I was pretty excited. I’ve had nothing to compare it to but I promise it was delicious! Moist and full of flavour, BBQ sauce created nice crusty bite on top and it will be definitely a staple dish for colder winter months. Continue reading “BBQ Meat Loaf”