Mama Rita, Colchester 

Why haven’t I been to this delicious cosy corner of Colchester before? Why?

Despite being recommended to go numerous times by one of my colleagues I never made time for it, but luckily we had a team building day coming up and what’t better way to bond than over some food? Meet Mama Rita AKA Big Belly AKA When can we go back again?! Mama Rita is a small cosy restaurant in a heart of Colchester run by Romanian management offering a sit down/take away and a delivery option. If you are not from Romania you are most likely to get a standard English Menu which won’t offer some gems but if you come with a Romanian person or ask for a Romanian menu then you are in for a treat.  Continue reading “Mama Rita, Colchester “

Toro, NYC


New York food scene is insane, it changes every day with restaurants and pop ups appearing out of nowhere and I genuinely think that a whole life time wouldn’t be enough to taste New York. When we were prepping for our trip, daily I would post at least 5 suggestions for a restaurant/bar/pop up that I want visit. Obviously, when we got there it all went tits up and we didn’t eat or drink nearly as much as we planned (hoped).

But I am so happy that we managed to go to Toro and didn’t cancel our reservation. Based in the heart of Chelsea. Toro prides itself on best Tapas and a fantastic wine cellar.  Continue reading “Toro, NYC”

Smorgasburg, NY

Work has been terribly busy and I have major holiday blues. Every evening I am day dreaming about our next adventure and reminiscing about the amazing trip to New York where the food was one of the highlights and we had prosecco with every meal.

Thanks to a recommendation from an ex-colleague (hey, Yassica!) we ended up at Smorgasburg Flea Food Market on a lovely warm Saturday morning. Smorgasburg is only open on Saturdays and is a home to 80+ food vendors from all over New York. You can find anything from pulled meats and ramen burgers to exotic desserts and vegan treats.  Continue reading “Smorgasburg, NY”

Dorset Burger Company, Weymouth

Burgers. If you’re anything like me you definitely can’t live without them. When we were planning our trip to Weymouth I knew I just had to go and eat at Dorset Burger Company. Whilst I love my Byron, Shake Shack and GBK you can’t beat an independent restaurant that lovingly works to deliver one of the best dishes in the world.

Dorset Burger Company is located on one of the main streets in the heart of Weymouth and is based in an old rustic looking building. When we walked in we went through to the dining area and were offered a big table for our group without any waiting. Continue reading “Dorset Burger Company, Weymouth”

Al Molo, Weymouth

A couple of weeks ago I visited Weymouth and I fell in love with this lovely Sea side town. I also fell in love with the mind blowing Veal Ragout Tagliatelle from Al Molo on our last night.

I must admit on the morning of the day we booked our table, we passed Al Molo which has a sign at the front saying THE BEST ITALIAN in Weymouth and I laughed because the building really didn’t look as if it would live up to its bold claim. Continue reading “Al Molo, Weymouth”

Top 3 bars to visit in Budapest

If you’ve never been to Budapest, you definitely should pay a visit because it’s an incredible city with fascinating history and a vibrant night life. I fell in love with it on the first night and I dream of going back ever since. While we were at Budapest we ate in so many fantastic places and drank excessive amounts of alcohol but in this post I will sum up my top 3 bars in Budapest that are a MUST to visit while you are there. Continue reading “Top 3 bars to visit in Budapest”