Gooey Chocolatey Banana Bread

When life gives you overripe bananas, you do one thing: bake a banana bread with them. These ripe bananas came in at the right time on a very rainy miserable day. The whole day I dreamt about making this goodness, and when I did it really did tick all the boxes – it was sweet, flavourful, moist, spongy and soft on the inside with a slight caramel crumble on the outside.

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Fried Pork & Kimchi Gyozas

Last time I bought Kimchi, I somehow ended up consuming almost half a kilo of it in one day. I did not feel great the next day but I still adore it and I love adding it dishes and having it as a side. Now this one is definitely a weekend project because Gyozas cases are fiddly and you want to thoroughly enjoy the process of making these instead of stressing about it. So to make 30-35 Gyozas you’ll need:  Continue reading “Fried Pork & Kimchi Gyozas”

Creamy Chorizo, Red Pepper & Mushroom Pasta

A few weeks ago I was really ill and unlike the majority of people, I don’t lose my appetite when I am ill. If anything, I start eating for an army (no, seriously). So after rummaging through my fridge and cupboards, I picked out my favourite ingredients and made this and then I made it two more times within a space of 36 hours. So I might have some sort of Chorizo/Pasta/Cheese addiction but I am okay with that.

This dish is the comfiest of comforts, pasta=carbs=goodness, chorizo brings warmth and spice, cream and parmesan turn into gooey creamy concussion and red peppers & mushrooms, well they are two of your 7 a day, aren’t they?  Continue reading “Creamy Chorizo, Red Pepper & Mushroom Pasta”

Venison, Chorizo and Red Wine Stew 

It’s either time to rename this blog to “I am obsessed with my slow cooker” or time to stop using my slow cooker. But I can’t. And I won’t.

Last weekend I made this indulgent Venison, Chorizo and Red Wine Stew and I’ve never been more proud. Now, venison may not be the easiest meat to source but if you go to your local butchers you’ll be able to get some and they’ll advice you on what’s the best cut for your dish. Continue reading “Venison, Chorizo and Red Wine Stew “

Spicy Seafood Stew

Ever since I got out my slow cooker from the deep ends of one of the kitchen cupboard, I became obsessed with it. I mean, what’s not to like? It’s easy, it requires hardly any effort and the dishes come out rich and full of flavour.

Couple of weeks ago we had few friends over and I made my 7 Hour Goulash  and attempted my first Veggie Chilli which was a hit not just with vegetarians but meat eaters too (and I even took some for lunch the next day!). Continue reading “Spicy Seafood Stew”

7 Hour Hearty Goulash

While I am reading up on all cool food places in Prague and reminiscing about our trip 3 years ago, I can’t help myself but to make incredibly hearty Slow Cooked Goulash. Winter is made for slow cooked dishes and having a slow cooker definitely makes your life SO MUCH easier. 15 minutes of prer in the morning, followed by some occasional stirring ( if you choose to) and voila! You have a warm, filling, cosy dish to make your tummy and soul content.  Continue reading “7 Hour Hearty Goulash”