About BMTs



Hello and welcome to Beers, Meats & Treats. Here you will find anything from indulgent mouth drooling dishes to healthy and light bites. My favourite places to eat and my favourite beers to drink. One of my friends said that ”Beers, Meats & Treats” isn’t really a ”girly” name, well I eat real food and I drink beer so I can’t really go for ”girly”.

My love affair with food started when I left uni, before that I would eat anything that suits student budget (i.e cheap wine and take aways). At home, my mum would cook traditional Russian dishes, which are delicious but usually consists of meat and potato and not many spices. I still love her cooking but now when I go to visit her I cook new dishes for her, recently she’s been the one ringing me  to ask me how I cook such and such and I love sharing my tips and recipes with her.

I love experimenting with food, combining cuisines and influences and recreating dishes I ate elsewhere when I get home. I always have a never ending list of places I want to try, beers to drink and cocktails to make. Kitchen is my happy place, I love getting home from work and spending time cooking something nice for dinner. We eat healthy and clean 80% of the time in our house and the other 20% is spent thinking up of extravagant and sometimes full on disgusting cheat and treat meals. I get super excited when I try a new product, spice, sauce, condiment etc and I can talk about food non-stop.

Have a look around and you might see something you like, I welcome any feedback so feel free to comment, share and throw your suggestions at me.

Anya xx

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